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I. THEORY – 6. Perspectives


Giorgio Buccellati – January 2022

The nature of poetry

The ultimate achievement of poetry is that it refuses fragmentation. Yes, there may be a verse that stands out and that we carry in memory as particularly evocative. But ultimately every “piece,” i.e., every word or segment of a poem, whether articulated metrically (as with verses) or not, is in absolute need of all the other pieces. That is the supreme beauty of authentic poetry, the sense of explosion one receives when everything blends into an illuminating unity.

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It is useful to mention poetry in this context because of the light it sheds on the notion of fraggmentation in relationship to the whole.

relationship to artificial intelligence
Poetry is a whole (whether a sonnet or a large architectural complex such as Dante’s Comedy) which emerges whole
triumph of the whole
relatioship to words
unified vision exported to words
cannot be rephrased, whereas an argument can

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