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I. THEORY – 2. Websites


Giorgio Buccellati – April 2021

The concept of frame

The concept of frame is substantially different from the generic complexity that is otherwsie characteric of all standard websites. In these cases, there is indeed complexity, because multiple pages and websites are invoked, and each page or website is formalized in varying but real degrees of complexity. What is generic is the nature of the link. As an example, we may think of a term that is qualified by being linked to a dictionary: there is no particular concern about semantic ranges or deeper semiotic implications (whether or not the diciotnary may provide it); there is only the concern to have a clarification of the plain an simple lexical import of the term.

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Framing the deep structure

Digital discourse implements the interaction between the two subsystems of data and narratives. There is a deep structure that characterizes this interaction.

In constrast, the concept of frame shows how digital discourse can concretly go beyond generic complexity, i. e., how deep structure can concretly take shape. How do multiple layers and data sets relate to each as wholes, and not just through one of the segments of whiwch they are composed?

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Within the frame

subjective dimension
progression within linearity
difference from multi-tasking, where the tasks are not interlaced, but juxtaposed
the argument builds on stages, where one presupposes the other
it builds on presuppositions, which requires a sequential reading
a digital discourse should be approached in the same way
hyperlinks make this possible, but they should be treated gently and skillfully

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(1) web design
content open (2) container A: info
(3) container B: argument
closed (4) monoplanar

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(1) Web design

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(2) Container A: Info

Catal Huyuk,,

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(3) Container B: argument

Stanford, EncAegypt

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(4) Monoplanar


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